Oxygen – Propane CNC profile cutting 10 mm through to 100 mm. Twin head CNC cutter capable of profiling materials 5 meters wide x 10 meters length.

Shot and sandblasting to customer requirements.

Painting Cabin, 8 meters wide x 8 meters long serviced by 16 tonne overhead bridge crane. 




10 off 600 amp ESAB welding machines giving a total welding capacity of 1200 Hrs per week.


4 off 500 amp ESAB welding machines giving a total assembly capacity of 480 Hrs per week. All assembly bays are equipped with 4 meter x 1 Tonne swing jib cranes.


1 off NC horizontal boring machine X=1500 Y = 750 Z = 600


If our capacities match with your manufacturing requirements please do not hesitate to contact me directly.