Prolong the lifetime of your current container stock through refurbishment. 


Milestone Management Kft. (ISO9001 & EN3834-2) offers offshore operators the possibility to reduce costs and extend the life span on their current container fleet by applying current manufacturing standards to the refurbishment process. Refurbishment of offshore equipment offers the opportunity for our customers to re-commission underutilized equipment.
This equipment may be unreliable, unsafe or unusable. Refurbished containers have a comparable life span as a new container it therefore logical for customers to invest in their existing equipment therefore reducing capital expenditure whilst in the process increasing the bottom line profit.


Refurbishment, re-commissioning and re-certification of existing equipment is focused on reducing operating costs without neglecting health and safety in the offshore environment. A thorough analysis will be carried out by our engineering staff to identify areas on the containers that need to be addressed and a cost effective solution will be agreed with the customer to ensure that the quality and safety of the equipment is not compromised. Re-certification of refurbished equipment will be carried out by a recognized certified test centre.